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 Welcome to the Quilting Ladies Webring. If you love making and exchanging quilt squares then you will love belonging to this webring :-)

 ~*~ Rules and Guidelines ~*~
  • You must be able to create and share quilt squares.

  • You must share at least ONE quilt square each week to remain an active member. You can of course make more to share with the Quilting Ladies Group

  • The Quilting Ladies Club collects quilt squares 130x130 no bigger... no smaller...

  • If you enjoy collecting these fun quilt squares, think about joining the Quilting Ladies Club & Webring so you can exchange/collect quilts & make some new quilting friends :)

  • All websites applying for this webring must have there QL Quilt Sheet on their website.

  • The Quilting Ladies Webring Must Be on your Quilting Ladies Quilt Sheet page.

  • Make sure you submit the url that your Quilting Ladies quilt sheet and Quilting Ladies Webring fragment is on when joining the Quilting Ladies Webring.

  • All websites applying for this webring must be family oriented and child-safe.

This is how your webring should look on your page.

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You can join the webring for Quilting Ladies below.

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