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These are the Quilt squares that are currently available with the Quilt Group here at Quilting Ladies.  The following will help you understand where to put your quilt theme headers and your quilt squares.
  • Quilting Ladies Membership Quilt
    • QL Membership Quilt Squares
  • Floral Quilt
    • Floral Quilt Squares
  • Victorian Quilt
    • Victorian Quilt Squares
  • And so on...

  • Quilting Ladies Quilt Themes
    • Each week's Quilt Themes will go on there own Quilt page with the co-ordinating Theme Header

  • If you would like a Personalized Quilt Header with your name on it to display your Quilt Squares for the Quilting Ladies email Diane and she will gladly make it for you :)

Quilting Ladies Membership Square

All the Graphics and Specialty Quilt Headers you see here at Quilting Ladies
are an Exclusive © Design made by Creations by Dezign
made solely for Quilting Ladies they are to remain here.
Quilting Ladies is not associated with any other Quilting Group.

Designed Exclusively for
~ Quilting Ladies ~
~ Quilting Group ~
by ~Diane~ © 2002 - Creations by Dezign