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When you sign up to join the Quilting Ladies Quilt Club you will be given a zip file containing the following to help you get started in our Quilting Ladies Quilt Club:
  • Graphics That Make The Quilt Sheet
  • The Quilting Ladies Offical Membership Quilt Square
  • A Text File With A Copy And Paste Code For Your Quilt Sheet
  • This is what your quilt sheet will look like when you paste the code to your homepage after you sign up to join.  Other Quilt Theme Headers will be used to make up the various Quilts Quilting Ladies will be making. You can go and pick these up at the "Quilt Theme Headers" button on our index page after you have your sheet in place on your homepage.

  • If you would like to use the Quilting Ladies Graphics Set used throughout the Quilting Ladies group pages you can email Diane for zip file containing the following:
    • The Official Quilting Ladies Graphics Set you see here
    • The Quilting Ladies Official Membership Quilt Square
    • The Quilt Theme Header you see below
    • The html file to set up the official Quilting Ladies Graphics Set and the Quilting Ladies Quilt Sheet
    • Matching Home, Back, Email and SiteMap buttons for the Quilting Ladies Graphics Set

    All the Graphics and Specialty Quilt Headers you see here at Quilting Ladies
    are an Exclusive © Design made by Creations by Dezign
    made solely for Quilting Ladies they are to remain here.
    Quilting Ladies is not associated with any other Quilting Group.

    Designed Exclusively for
    ~ Quilting Ladies ~
    ~ Quilting Group ~
    by ~Diane~ © 2002 - Creations by Dezign